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Advice From Colleges
What To Bring


What do Some Colleges Recommend?
As part of your new college vocabulary, you'll be introduced to what colleges call R.A.'s.  An R.A. is short for Resident Assistant, and these are the folks that make all the magic happen for every dormitory.

R.A.'s act as peer advisors, counselors, planners, enforcers of dorm policies, and pretty much the all around "Go To" person - and then some - for just about every aspect of dorm life.

Quite a lot of the advice posted online by colleges was developed in conjunction with their respective R.A.'s, and so I feel that these references are fairly accurate and indicative of typical college recommendations for students.

To the unsung heroes - the only thing that parents, and students, can say is WOW! Without you every dorm would be in total shambles, administratively and socially!!

If you would like to see what some colleges recommend that you bring, please feel free to visit the links below:

Stony Brook University - Students Welcome Center, What to Bring

Quinnipiac University - Student Life, What to Bring to College

Oneonta College - What to Pack

St Anselm College - Residence Life What To Bring To College

Murray State - What to Bring To College

University of Wisconsin - What Health Supplies Should Students Bring To College

Pennsylvania College of Technology - Residence Life, What Should I Bring to College

Houghton College - What to Bring To College

Holy Cross College - Hints on What to Bring

McMurray University - What Should / Shouldn't I Bring to College?

Lycoming College - What to Bring

Whitworth College - What to Bring to College

Iona College - What to Bring Things You Should Know & May Want to Bring

Taylor University - Things to Bring to College

Niagara University - What to Bring to College

Culver Stockton College - What Should I Bring to College

Eckerd College - The First Semester... What will I need?

Centre College - Items to Bring to Campus on Move-In Day

Wartburg College - Getting Oriented, Things to Bring

Blackburn College - Things to Bring

Columbia College - What to Bring

Vassar College - What to Bring, Useful Items

If you are a college, and have a page dedicated to helping first year students, please feel free to email a link to your page and I will be more than happy to post it here.

You can send your link to:   A d m i n (at) A l l D o r m S h o p p i n g . c o m
(The letters have been separated because who doesn't hate spam.)

I hope you have found this list of resources for what to bring to college useful.

Copyrighted.  All rights reserved.  No material may be copied without permission.
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