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Dorm Bedding


Comfort is Key
Sleeping in a dorm poses a few minor challenges.  First, you aren't used to a new bed.  You just left your old comfortable bed behind, and now you have to get used to a new bed, new surroundings, and a roommate sleeping right there in your room.

For a full shopping list visit the Dorm Shopping List page.

College Dorm Beds

Some colleges, probably most, outfit their dorms with extra long size twin beds.  This is common to try to accommodate even the tallest students and athletes.  Check with the college if you aren't sure or just to be safe, buy extra long sheets, comforters and blankets.

Noteworthy Considerations

Buy at least two pillows.  Even if you don't use them both for sleeping they're handy to have to prop yourself up when just studying or reading in bed.

Dorm BeddingBedding
Mattress Liner & Pads
Buy a mattress liner and throw it over an egg crate mattress pad. Now you've added  comfort with the foam egg crate pad, and a layer of sanitary insulation.

Dorm Bedding BlanketsBedding
Comforters & Blankets

Comforters with nylon fiber fill are most convenient because they can be laundered right in most school laundry facilities without the need to take them to dry cleaners.  As an additional consideration, blankets of wool or synthetic fibers make a wonderfully cozy addition to any dorm room and are easily laundered.

For bedding shopping options, try Linens-n-Things and Bed Bath & Beyond, you wont be disappointed in their bedding.

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