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College Clothing

Fashion, Durability and Flexibility
You've heard the saying you cant take it with you - right?  Well when it comes to your wardrobe - you can't.... You simply won't have the room to take all your clothing.  Clothes that you can take are what is practical.  Jeans, dresses, polo shirts, t-shirts, khakis - yes you can take all this clothing with you but limited in quantity.  In short, Selecting your college clothing requires a little planning.

Clothing for College
Shop for college clothing with an eye towards comfort, and don't forget a nice outfit or two for those special times.  Boys, concentrate your clothing to 1 or 2 really nice pairs of jeans and tee shirts.  Clothing for girls, a really nice pair of khaki's and a some nice cotton sweaters or tops tops will do just fine.  Always select clothing that is fashionable but easy to pack and easy to launder.

For a full shopping list visit the Dorm Shopping List page.

Noteworthy Considerations

Clothing - Outerwear
When you go off to college, the weather might still be nice if you attend a college on the East-Coast or the Mid-West, but by Homecoming  day, you might need different clothing like a light coat and some thin gloves.  Make sure to pack the right clothing if you don't plan on going home between when you start school and homecoming day.

Shoes & Footwear
The most important thing to stress here is that you will need a pair of plastic or rubber sandals or flip flops for both boys and girls to shower in.  Since most college bathrooms are shared - you will never want to enter those rooms barefoot, or shower without a pair of water-resistant-non-skid shoes on.

Additionally, it's an excellent idea to have at least 2 pairs of sneakers with you - because inevitably one will always get wet, and at least a comfortable pair of walking shoes.  Sneakers are fun to buy, fun to wear and somehow you can never get enough great looking sneakers.

Clothing for Special Occasions

Don't forget clothing for special occasions.  Graduations are as special as they come.  For young ladies, look for inexpensive and yet very trendy clothing from Target and Kohl's.  Bring some nice clothing... we are sure you'll use it.


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