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Laptops or Desktops
There is no other item on your back to school list that will produce as much anxiety as the purchase of a computer for college.


A laptop wins by a mile.  No other single piece of equipment is more practical and versatile for a college-bound student than a laptop.  Many colleges now have computer connectivity in their classrooms, and wireless campuses.  With a laptop, you can have  access to everything you need from web access to class schedules and most homework assignments.

For a full shopping list please visit the Dorm Shopping List page.

Noteworthy Considerations


Apple iPad

Apple iPadIf you don't think you need an iPad then you might want to reconsider the versatility of Apple iPads.  iPads can be utilized to take notes in class, record lectures and even provide you with your college textbooks, in some cases.  Think about the iPads' versatility even in the dorm room because these days, just being able to stream a movie from Netflix is a worthwhile reason to own an iPad.  In short, owning and iPad is almost an essential so seriously consider buying an iPad.


Laptop ComputersWhen buying a laptop, simply put, buy the latest technology.  The reason you would do this is because the life cycle of technology these days is so short that buying even last year's model would make the equipment virtually obsolete in a few years and there would still probably be some time in college or grad school left to finish.
Look for laptops with built in wireless capability, large disk space for lots of storage, and the fastest processor you can afford.  After that, everything else is just nice to have.

These days, you can usually find a deal where the printer is included. If you run across such a package, chances are the bundling of the package can save you some money.  For the printer that you do take to school, make sure it's small enough to fit on a small dorm room desk and yet practical enough for you to print your class assignments.


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