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College Move-In Day
What To Expect

Now you know.  Actually, it's more like orchestrated chaos, but chaos nonetheless.  It may seem that the entire campus is moving in all on the same day, but depending on your school it may only be a portion of the students.  All the same, having a game plan will only help ease the tensions.

Before You Get To School
Before you get to school on your move-in day, read through all your letters and documents that you may have received from the college.  You may have to check-in somewhere to let the school know you've arrived.  Have those papers handy and double-check the time.

Arrive on time
The later you get there, the more disappointed you might be with what you get when you arrive to your dorm room.  You see, there is an unwritten law regarding proper dorm room etiquette.  If you get there first - you get to pick the best bed, or the best location for your bed.  The next arrival gets the next best spot.  If you have a room with 3 or more roommates, and the room has bunk beds - that top bunk might actually end up being yours if you're last.

Pack Light
You can bring everything you, though most people wouldn't, just don't over stuff your boxes or crates.  Remember, you may be on the fifth floor with no elevator service that day.  Make sure the boxes you pack don't weigh more than you can carry up several flights of stairs, and down several miles of corridors and without the use of an oxygen tank when you get to your dorm room.

Bring Cleaners
No not your parents.  Bring cleaning supplies.  Bring a spray bottle of an all purpose cleaner or anything similar and begin by wiping down your desk, dresser, inside the dresser drawers, and just about anything else that would offend you if you knew what had been there before you got there.

Planning your move-in day could be as much fun as planning anything else, with one exception - the more organized you are, the more time you'll have to savor the moment and enjoy the activities of the day.

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