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Dorm Room Shopping
Shopping for this category will take some time and planning.  You can't believe what makes it into your shopping cart by the time you're through.  My son spent a lot of time telling me he didn't need a lot of it, only to end up needing it later on.

Dorm Room Housewares
You'll need some of the same basic items as if you were going on an extended camping trip.  Think about necessities like can openers, forks and knives (though plastic disposable is the way to go) and don't forget cleaners, paper towels and trash bags for move in day especially.

For a full shopping list please visit the Dorm Shopping List page.


Noteworthy Considerations

Laundry Hampers
One of the most important items on this list a laundry bag and a pop up laundry hamper.  The nylon mesh ones are the best.

The reason they're called pop-ups is because you can fold them flat when you're transporting them back home at the end of the school year and then back to school next year.  You can find these typically at any retailer who stocks back to school items and are extremely handy to have.

Under Bed Storage
Look for plastic storage containers that can be stacked if necessary.  More importantly, anything that will fit under a bed is always your best bet since that is valuable storage space that generally gets ignored.

Remember - space is limited and any containers with lids make great storage plus you can pack them to bring them home at the end of the year and bring them back next year.

Dorm Room Storage
Storage crates that you can use near the desk of just to keep your stuff in should definitely be on your shopping list.  Additionally these crates will make great boxes to fill and carry off to school without having to spend time trying to find old boxes to pack.


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