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Staying In Touch

Communication is Key
Going off to college sometimes results in a minor disruption of routines.... OK... not really minor, make that a major change in routines.

Families and friends somehow seem to not connect as often and, it doesn't really need to be like that.  There is no reason why you as a college student shouldn't keep in touch with your friends from high school or for that matter, your family.

Most colleges provide either free or reduced-rate long distance telephone calls.  Check with your college to see what they offer.  If using the telephone is so.... you know.... nineties, how about cell phones that now have plans where you can call with free minutes as early as 7:00 pm?

Cell Phones
Cell phones are a great way to stay connected to what's going on at home and should be encouraged.  A lot of phone plans these days not only have text messaging capabilities but also have instant messenger capabilities.  With this powerful technology in your pocket, quick messages to see how people are doing, or what they're doing, is a convenient way for everyone  to stay well connected.

Check Your Cell Phone PlanCell Phones
It is highly recommended to check your cell phone plan before heading off to college.  Consider the area codes that you would be calling, and then tweak your plan to suit your expected needs.

You might also want to consider changing cell phone plans altogether if other carriers offer less expensive calling plan choices.

Whatever you decide to do, a cell phone or long distance landline plan, this element should be considered if for no other reason other than to keep everyone well connected when the distance suddenly is more than what everyone is accustomed to.

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