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You would think that there may not be a lot of on this list but the bulk of the items you will need will more than likely fall right into this category.  You will have limited space in your dorm but if you shop and pack smart, you can and probably should, take most of these items.

Don't be tempted to buy miniature trial sizes unless you're buying things like band aids, or anything else that you don't use often.  Trial size packs of antacids, cough drops, cold and flu tablets are all fine because those don't take up much room and you'll always have them when you need them.

For a full shopping list please visit the Dorm Shopping List page.
Noteworthy Considerations

Get a Shower Tote
ToiletriesShowering in a college dorm is different than showering at home.  You need to take everything that you'll need with you and then take it back to your room when you're done.  That's where a good roomy plastic shower tote comes in.

Shower totes transport all your necessities and sometimes even come into the shower with you so you can easily access what you need. 

Look for a shower tote that has a lot of perforations or openings, especially at the bottom so water can quickly drain out of it.  Look for a shower tote that has a handle and quite possibly one that may have a divider or two.

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